BlackBerry auto answer settings for Blackberry Storm,Bold, Pearl, Curve. there is an auto answer function for BlackBerry when using the bluetooth device in car. But your BlackBerry has to be out from the Holster for the Auto Answer to function.

how to set up auto answer on BlackBerry: Click your  Call Log  from your Blackberry home screen or your dial screen (whatever your call it) and click your trackwheel > Options > General Options > Auto Answer Calls > select your option

If you use the cabled headset that came with BlackBerry device it has an answer\hang up button to answer quickly. But it is not so convenient if you are ride a motorcycle and have a headset in the helmet for taking calls. you can try other BlackBerry Optimization tips

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  1. This wasn’t excatly what I was looking for but I just found this handsfree app looks good.



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