Maybe BlackBerry brickbreaker cheats code is another way let you play brickbreaker games easily on BlackBerry Curve and pearl phones. But, to play Brickbreaker on BlackBerry 8700 device is easier! The game is essesntially the same, with one major difference. the bricks don’t drop down as far. On the dreaded “U” level, there is still room to bounce, they never drop as far as on BlackBerry 7290 or 7280 devices. if you want to find some Brickbreaker cheat codes for your BlackBerry, please don’t waste your times! many cheat codes are fake. it only works on some BlackBerry devices, just like:
Jump To Next Level: ALT + 2 3 J M P
Slow Down Speed: ALT + 8 8 8
Extra Life: ALT + 4 7 1 1

you can play BlackBerry brickbreaker games well without any cheat codes. Just follow some BrickBreaker game tips on BlackBerry: you should try to get every blue capsule you can. they equal more points and random goodies.
gun = 3 rockets (destroy a whole brick or metal brick)
lasers = unlimited (double lasers to fire)
wrap = paddle loops around screen
flip = reverses movement (kinda evil)
long = makes the paddles longer
life = 1up
slow = if ball is travelling fast
catch = catch the ball and re-aim
multi = ball X4
bomb = blows up bricks

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