SpeechExec for BlackBerry is a new voice to text application,developed by Philips. it can enbable Voice-to-text technology on BlackBerry with wireless working.
Recording, editing and downloading dictation files from your BlackBerry offers mobile flexibility and reduces document turnaround time. When recording is finished and you are ready to download files, they will be transmitted to your company’s dictation server via email, FTP/S or HTTP/S. After transcription, the transcribed document can then be sent back to the BlackBerry® by email. SpeechExec is the perfect companion for your BlackBerry, delivering everything you need for secure, wireless dictation workflow.

you can also use SpeechExec for BlackBerry application offline. when the connection is available again, you can send the dictation immediately.
SpeechExec for BlackBerry features:

Increased efficiency

* Send your dictation files globally from your BlackBerry® for maximum productivity
* SpeechExec for BlackBerry® offers dictation features such as insert and overwrite modes
Simple to use
* A clear user interface intuitively guides you through the dictation and download process
* Easy-to-use key control for intuitive operation

Central control
* The SpeechExec Mobile server manages secure dictation file delivery
* Secure voice and data transmission maintains a high level of client confidentiality

[ via philips ]

other voice gps application for BlackBery help you find restaurant/store/repair shop via our precision voice directions.

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