there are many free FM/XM radio for BlackBerry Bold 9000. if you want to listen station live free FM/XM radio on your BlackBerry Bold 9000. you can download Slacker, Pandora, iHeartRadio,AOL app for your BlackBerry Bold. Pandora Radio is a free personalized radio application. Slacker Radio app lets BlackBerry bold 9000 users play personalized radio everywhere and buy songs from V CAST Music while they listen. iheartradio delivers America’s favorite radio stations, including Z100, KIIS FM, WGCI, KFI AM and KFAN, right to your BlackBerry Bold 9000.  or you can try Moodio on your Blackbery Bold 9000. it also works.  you can go to  Moodio website and create an account , then browse to on your BlackBerry Bold 9000, log in and pick the radio station from your list that matches your mood.   AOL Radio app is one of popular internet radio services application for BlackBerry Bold 9000. it is powered by CBS Radio.


AOL radio app includes all 250+ AOL Radio stations and 150+ CBS Radio local and HD stations. Additional features include the ability to bookmark your favorite stations, find out what you’ve recently listened to, automatically find which local CBS Radio stations are in your area (via GPS) and even song skipping.   you can download these radio app from BlackBerry app workd and enjoyfree FM/XM radio on your BlackBerry Bold 9000!

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