how to transfer photos from BlackBerry Storm 2 to Computer. Before you transfer pictures from your BlackBery Storm 2 9550/9520 to your computer or laptop, you should enable “auto enable mass storage mode when connected” function from home menu > options > memory > Enable mass storage device . Or you will not find any files when you click on media card. once you turn on mass storage mode on your BlackBerry Storm 2, you can use your favorite photo manager software or BlackBerry desktop software to import photos. if you use Picasa , it will import photos just as it would from a regular digital camera. or you can go to your computer and open the BlackBerry desktop software > then click on MEDIA > It will give you three options to choose from: Manage Pictures, Manage Music, and Manage Videos. To transfer photos from BlackBerry Storm 2 to Computer, just choose Manage Pictures. > then click the folders on the left side, you can transfer photos from BlackBerry Storm 2 to your computer.

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