Do you Play BlackBerry Brick Breaker game online? Brick Breaker is a classic game for BlackBerry, just like playing Soliitaire on BlackBerry. When playing Brickbreaker, you’ve got a paddle at the bottom. You launch a ball up in the air to hit bricks. Some break in one hit, others need multiple hits. You keep the ball from falling past you by bouncing it back up to clear all the bricks. Some bricks cause power-ups to fall.


if you can’t find Brick Breaker game on blackberry phone, you can download and reinstall Brick Breaker game from Blackberry App world. Go to your Blackberry Downloads folder and then go to App world then”My app world” then click reinstalled Brick bracker.

if you are tired of playing BlackBerry Brick Breaker game. follow the simple steps to delete game: Go to Blackberry Options >  go to Advanced OptionsApplications , it will build your blackberry applications list > then scroll down the list to find your Brick breaker game > Hit the menu button on the left side of the trackball > scroll down to select it and delete .

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