How to transfer pictures from BlackBerry bold to computer. when you got pictures on BlackBerry bold 9000 and wanted to transfer pictures to computer, you can do it via usb cable. Just open up Desktop Manager with your BlackBerry bold plugged into the computer. Then go to Media, and open Media Manager. This will make it so that your computer recognizes your BlackBerry bold as another drive, and you can go and open it up under ‘My Computer‘. It will have a folder called Blackberry, and then within that one, another folder called pictures. Just copy and paste to your PC from there.

you can also transfer pictures from BlackBerry bold to computer via email. To do this you must have internet access on your Blackerry bold. When you send a text message, in the TO: bar, enter your e-mail address. Then attach any pictures, videos, or audio to the message, and send it! Then go on your e-mail on your computer, and save it in your Documents.

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