LifeInPocket is a free BlackBerry voice gps application for Blackberry Storm,Bold, Tour,Cuve etc. It offers  voice activated GPS navigation. you can use it to find the cheapest gas in the area, and then get there via our precision voice directions. if you find a restaurant you like, you can click on “Take me there” it will take you there via voice instructions. it is very user friendly. you can search via GPS, view ratings and real-time reviews by real people before heading to an unknown restaurant/store/repair shop.
Your Blackberry phone can be more powerful than the iPhone for FREE Not only does it looks good, but it also adds iPhone features as well as GPS, Navigation, Location Message, Sync capability and much more to your phone free of any charge.

You can use LifeInPocket to plan your vacation. Login to LifeInPocket on your desktop, add your hotel, travel destinations to your address book/ destination list, personalize your preferred restaurants (Pizza, McDonald, Starbucks, ..), Point Of Interest, roadside assistance, set up your email/IM access, add family/friends who will travel with you or you want them to know where you go to your friends list in Location Messaging thus you can be sure you won’t lost each other and share fun with others. you can download lifeinPocket app for your Blackberry phone from

you can refer  free BlackBerry GPS tracking application list and also use BlackBerry voice to text app:SpeechExec for BlackBerry storm to improve your working efficiency.

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5 Responses to “voice gps application for Blackberry Storm and Tour”

  1. Life in Pocket is a good applicaiton, if they change a few things ….

    1. The application does not reroute, if you miss a turn. Instead it gives you an error. THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE IN A NAVIGATION IS RETOUTING AND IT IS SIMPLY MISSING !!
    2. It is not accurate at all. It gets you within about 630 feet away from your destination. For a city like Washington DC, 600 feet is too far…
    3. It takes so much time in finding the satellite and most of the time, it doesn’t find it.

    It is not worth downloading it, if it is for voice navigation. You would not get to your destination when you need to….



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